Maha Auction

*NOTE (October 27, 2013) : The Maha Auction is now closed. Thank you to everyone who offered an item or service, or bid and purchased! This page is here for archival purposes.

Shambhala’s Maha Auction is an opportunity to showcase and exchange the richness, creativity and skills of the people in our worldwide community while also raising funds for core services within the Shambhala Mandala.

eBay, the largest online auction company, offers the use of their site to non-profit organizations free of charge. Not only does this help us conduct an auction within our own community, but it means that members of the public who have no relationship with Shambhala, who search eBay for art or other items, may end up on Shambhala’s auction site!

What’s Winspire?

We are also fortunate to be able to include a second, specialized auction site in the Maha Auction: Winspire, a large well known organization that helps non-profits by providing unique, high quality travel experiences at wholesale prices for fundraising auctions. To explore some unique travel opportunities on auction for Shambhala, including a behind-the-scenes art tour of the Capitol in Washington, a Napa Valley Epicurean tour, and a sailing trip on America’s Cup, click here. NOTE: This part of the auction runs only until September 17 – at the end of that day, the winning bids will be announced!


What we’re seeking for the eBay auction 

Do you paint, sculpt, photograph, or do some other kind of art that you can offer? Do you coach, counsel or provide professional services or instruction that you could offer over Skype or phone anywhere in the world? Do you cook/massage/landscape or anything else that could be offered as a local service?

Be creative — do you have an interesting job, where someone interested in that field could follow you around for the day? Can you cook a gourmet meal that you could offer? Are you a great gardener who could offer some gardening help in your area for a few hours? Do you know someone successful who would donate an item or service in exchange for the publicity that would come with it (their name or website can be displayed with the posting)? Do you have a vacation cottage or home that you might offer for a period of time?

Other ideas for possible contributions:

  • personal poem or song by poet or songwriter, e.g. for a wedding or birth
  • first edition or rare books or albums
  • calligraphies
  • donations from businesses
  • personal item or time from a friend who is well-known, famous, or could offer an unusual experience
  • tickets for a play or sporting event, if you have season tickets
  • gift cards you aren’t likely to use
  • collectibles
  • professional services (law, accounting, naturopathy, massage, etc.)
  • real gold or silver jewellery that you no longer use
  • furniture (restricted to local sale)

The items and services will be available both to Shambhala members/friends, and to anyone else who visits the online auction site.

We are looking for donations that would sell for a minimum of $50.

Please let us know what you might be able to offer by contacting us at [email protected].

How do I offer an item or service?

Contact the auction team at [email protected].  They will be pleased to hear from you and will help organize the information we need to offer the item or service for auction.

When do I communicate with the buyer of my item or service?

We will let you know when your item sells and put you in touch with the buyer.  If it’s an item, it would be great if you can send the item off within a week.  If it’s a service, you can arrange with the buyer to provide it at a mutually agreeable time.

Will tax receipts be available?

Tax receipts can be provided to donors of items over $250 retail worth.  If the item is worth over $1,000 and you wish to get a tax receipt, in some circumstances tax law requires us to get an appraisal of the item. Donation of services is not eligible for tax receipts.
When items are purchased, if you feel that you have bid significantly higher than the fair retail value, you can ask for a receipt for the difference between the fair retail value and the price paid.

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