Harvest of Peace 2015

This Harvest of Peace we are fundraising for Shambhala - in centres, groups, homes, cities and all over the world.

Harvest of Peace has traditionally been the time for local projects and local fundraising. Last year we experimented with a way of keeping the local flavour of the celebrations while also introducing a more explicit connection to our global community, both thematically as well as financially. We learned a great deal from that campaign, as well as from Shambhala Day, and this Harvest of Peace we want to go forward with a clearer message of shared inspiration everywhere in the mandala.

Our central goal for this year is $150,000. Shambhala centres are setting goals that will contribute to this target as well as raise funds for specific local projects.


Why are we still fundraising ?

Some people have asked why we are still fundraising for Shambhala, given that we implemented a new funding model -- Unified Giving -- almost two years ago. While the implementation is not yet complete, Unified Giving has already allowed us to reduce the number of central fundraising campaigns from 5 campaigns in 2013 to 2 annual campaigns in 2014 and 2015 (Harvest of Peace and Shambhala Day). We’ve also been able to lower the goal for our Shambhala Day 2015 campaign ($250,000 this year from $300,000 in the last few years).
Significant growth in our centres over the last year has allowed our community to pull together to begin to change the funding model of the whole mandala to a more stable one --news that we have all been hoping to hear! We send a special thanks to the dedicated people in our Shambhala Centres and Groups who have made our progress possible thus far!